We’re taking our annual August break. We’ll be back after the American Labor Day holiday (they have some sort of May Day in September, not like the rest of the world). In the meantime, enjoy what’s left of your summer (or winter). The best thing to do in the meantime is catch up on all that great reading you’ve missed here or on Latin America is a Country or Football is a Country, watch all the films we’ve recommended, or replay all those episodes of Africa is a Radio or stare at the hair of the world’s best young player, Paul Pogba.  Meanwhile, we’ll check in occasionally at our Twitter accounts (here, here and here) and Facebook (here, here and here).

Further Reading

The politics of influence

Influence exhilarates. It also makes people nervous. Writers, artists, scholars, researchers—we all seem to want to be “influential.” Less often do we want to admit to being “influenced.”

Good influence

It is unfair to expect coherent politics from Naira Marley or his fans, the Marlians. We should, instead, chastise the Nigerian state for stifling its people and keeping its young perpetually waiting.