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Maria Hengeveld

Maria Hengeveld is a contributing editor at Africa is a Country and a PhD student at Cambridge University.


That TIME story that South Africa may outlaw spanking at home

On 30 July TIME Magazine reported that South Africa’s government, in cooperation with some notable children’s rights NGO’s, is drafting a bill that would outlaw spanking at home. If the bill passes, South African parents lose their freedom to corporally punish their children, just like teachers did seven years ago. The article quotes spokespeople from the pro- and anti-ban camps. That’s about all the author chose to cover in the 200-odd word article. But there is a whole lot more to say about ‘spanking’ in South African homes, though.

My delicious ‘Afrigasm’

Experienced by mostly white Euro-Americans drawn to Sub Saharan Africa by an urge to explore and to do good, or by a more existential desire for an encounter with radical difference.