Qatar’s vuvuzela

The 2022 Men’s World Football Cup is in its knockout stages, so the Africa Is a Country podcast catches up with some of the most exciting events so far in the tournament.

Photo by Latrach Med Jamil on Unsplash

This year’s FIFA Men’s World Cup is now in its business end. So far, it’s exceeded expectations in terms of spectacle. From Vincent Aboubakar’s incredible solo goal for Cameroon against Brazil (after which he celebrated by removing his shirt, earning himself an instant red card), to Japan’s heroics, and of course, to Morocco’s incredible advance to the semi-finals (after dispatching footballing titans in Spain and Portugal). It has also delivered the politics too—although the debate over Qatar’s hosting of the tournament has ebbed, a new one has been ignited over whether anyone can justifiably support Morocco—who are now the most successful African and Arab team in the tournament’s history—while its government occupies Western Sahara. The Palestinian flags displayed by Morrocan fans and players are ubiquitous, but where are the ones for the Sahrawi Arab Democratic Republic? On this episode, Will, Sean, Tony and Boima debate and discuss!

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