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Dan Moshenberg founded Women In and Beyond the Global, a open access feminist forum.



In Kenya, women are organizing against the gender and moral police. Theyr’e using hashtags: #SavetheMiniskirt, #StripMeNot and #MyDressMyChoice.

#WhiteHistoryMonth: How Unexpected

From this week’s Washington Post Travel Section--"How unexpected: There was more modernity than I expected, such as extremey modern infrastructure (roads, etc.) in many places, although there is still poverty there. "

The other news from Uganda this week

Here’s the `other’ news from Uganda this week. Dateline: Kampala: “Police have warned the public against undressing women whom they perceive to be indecently dressed, saying the Anti-Pornography law is not operational yet.” Yet.

My Own Private Mangaung

Heard about Mangaung? No, not the site of the 1912 founding of the ANC nor last year’s ANC Conference. The real Mangaung. The prison. Mangaung Prison, run by G4S, is the world’s second largest private prison in the world. G4S is proud of that. They’re not so proud of last month’s allegations, revealed by Ruth Hopkins of the Wits Justice Project, of gross, brutal and widespread torture, forced anti-psychotics and shock therapy, and general anarchy and chaos on the part of the staff.