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Shamira Muhammad

Shamira Muhammad founded Ma'athi Magazine, a travel website.


Dark Princess

If mainstream fashion showcases won’t open its doors to the “others” and black fashion showcases aren’t willing to show the breadth of silhouettes, then there is much more at stake than not having a dark-hued covergirl.

Al Jazeera Goes French

Al Jazeera is planning a French language version of its news network. That means, government funded France 24 will be in direct competition with it for viewership in Africa and amongst the continent’s French speaking diaspora.

Africans in Cannes

For all its cinema glitz, Cannes is in a part of France associated with the far right and very anti-immigrant, so it is a treat to see the region is hosting an African themed film festival.

A state of cultural flux

Andrew Dosunmu’s new feature film, “Mother of George,” is set in Brooklyn, NY’s Bed-Stuy neighborhood, focusing on the complications of African immigrant life, especially love and family.

Yoruba Cool

Africa is everywhere on “Landing on a Hundred,” the new album by American guitarist and singer, Cody ChesnuTT. It’s in the instrumentation, the arrangements and in his voice.

Kehinde Wiley Goes To Paris

The American artist says he wants to tackle Françafrique; to turn it on its head. But in the process, he can’t help repeat stereotypes and artificial divisions.