South African Hip Hop Series: Video Profile On Rapper Sam Turpin

“The thing about Joburg,” observes rapper and producer Sam Turpin “it’s kind of on the scale of rich and poor.” Sam’s music explores themes of growing up in a changing South Africa. He’s constantly questioning, learning and adjusting according to the dictates of his environment – oftentimes one not receptive and trusting of white people and their intentions. Sam will, in stream-of-consciousness fashion, jump from discussing his love for Outkast to questioning why its so hard for some people to learn a second language in South Africa. He’s an artist whose thoughts are in flux; his music, his raps, his style – it reflects an unsettled version of South African hip-hop seeking to carve its own space and claim its right to exist.

In this video profile, set around Braamfontein and featuring scenes shot in the Wits Art Museum, Sam introduces himself and gives the motivation behind the title of his debut EP, “Eternal Sentiment”. The segment also features footage of him performing with collaborator Illa N at an invite-only event where the two previewed music from their collaborative EP “Cold Chinese Food”.

*Sam Turpin’s Eternal Sentiment is available on bandcamp.

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